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  • Apr
    Supply High Quality PPH Y1500 To Fight the COVID-19

    在當前全球疫情蔓延,在健康需求和經濟下行雙重壓力下,華盛及時調整產品結構, 迅速有效地組織起生產醫療物資的工作,并將高效低阻的熔噴材料交付到熔噴布生產廠商,不斷助力口罩產能提升,公司主打的PPH Y1500熔噴布專用材料已經成為目前各大客戶的采購重點。據國家發改委披露,當前全國口罩產能利用率已達110%,日產量達到1.16億只,全國除西藏外的30個省區市都陸續新上了口罩生產線,同時還不斷有新的口罩生產線即將投產。未來,熔噴料的市場需求還將進一步加大。這幾天公司,正忙著承接國內熔噴布生產企業的訂單,并給客戶提供專業的意見,隨著疫情在全球蔓延,作為一家負責任的企業,華盛提供穩定的熔噴布專用材料,為

  • Apr
    Break through the trade war blockade, implement domestic and foreign trade transformation and upgrading

    2020新年伊始,舉國上下全力抗擊新型冠狀病毒肺炎,醫用口罩等防護物資缺乏的牽動著億萬人民的心,面對疫情的持續膠著,華盛董事長張春華先生果斷決定利用高分子材料技術優勢,開發生產口罩急需的熔噴布專用聚丙烯材料。公司成立科研攻關專項小組,通過夜以繼日的持續奮戰,成功開發出熔噴布專用聚丙烯材料,并實現量產。通過科技助力疫情防控,解決防疫物資材料緊缺,與全國人民共同抗疫,以堅定不移的信念打贏這場疫情防控阻擊戰。At the outset of Chinese Lunar New Year, our nation raced the clock and spared no effort in conta

  • Mar
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace

    Kuba Beach has long been called the most beautiful beach in Bali. However, its golden shoreline is now surrounded by tons of plastic garbage brought in by swirling currents after a whole night storm. Actually, many other islands in Indonesia are also under the mountain of garbage. Bali Officials dep

  • Feb
    The implementation plan of banning the plastic products in Hainan is released

    The implementation plan of banning the plastic products in Hainan is released! The directory of the first batch of banned plastic products will be issued in December.

  • Oct
    Exhibition Hall Come Into Service

    The exhibition hall of HS Group has been put into use. It not only showcases the products, but also serves as a window of enterprise image. Entering the exhibition hall enables customers to have a faster and deeper understanding of the company's culture, products, quality and services. The exhibitio

  • May
    More communication, better development!

    2018-5-12 Hainan Plastic Industry Association and the representatives of Hainan enterprises came to our company for visiting and business negotiating. The representatives visited our production workshop, are impressed by our company's production capacity and management. After the visit, we discussed

  • May
    CHINAPLAS 2018

    CHINAPLAS 2018 international rubber and plastic exhibition now closed at Shanghai Hongqiao international convention and exhibition center. Nantong Longda Bio-tech New Material Company Limited Corporation (Longda) on behalf of the HS Group participated in this exhibition. HS Group showed biodegradabl

  • Jan
    Biodegradable mulch film experiments

    Huasheng has successfully engaged with China’s Xinjiang Agricultural Administration and local Agricultural Resource Bureau for testing bio-mulch film and reinforced andrecoverable PE mulch film in the area. As the biggest cotton production base, the local Administration have long been seeking recove

  • Jan
    Three-Year Operating targets Signed

    During the recent high—level management meeting, Huasheng Group has initiated a three year operating plan for its subsidiary companies including Huasheng Plastic Products Co.Ltd. The overall Plan is developed to combine most of Huasheng Group’s value chain businesses for public listing in the next t

  • Feb
    New Equipments,new Changes!

    In April 2015, Huasheng imported 15 sets Super High Speed 2-Line T-Shirt Bag making machinesfrom Taiwan.These new equipments will improve our bag-making capacity, reduce the labor cost andhelp us to realize automatic production

  • Feb
    We are committed to biodegradation

    Since 2015, Huasheng cooperated with the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, Xinjiang construction corps agricultural reclamation academy and Xinjiang construction corps agricultural extension station to develop biodegradable mulch film. In 2017, we have offered biodegradable mulch films and p

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